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Indian Mynah Diet

Indian Mynahs in the wild are natural scavengers that eat a very wide variety of food types. A general guideline to follow is the “Rule of Ten”: give at least 10 different types of food apart from pellets or other commercial food. Mynahs have difficulty in breaking up food and do not have a crop to store it, so always grate food or chop it into small pieces.

Pellets / Commercial Diet

AviPlus sell food specially formulated for Mynahs to cater for their nutritional requirements. “Mynah Pellets” as well as “Mynah/Softbill” food in a crumble form are both available. Other types of food can be mixed with the pellets or crumble food to encourage the bird to eat a variety of food.


  • Avoid giving large quantities of food that is high in iron. Mynahs are prone to hemochromatosis, which is an iron storage disease which can shorten their lifespan.
  • Foods high in iron such as red meat, spinach, raisins and other dried fruit should be kept to a minimum.
  • Foods that are toxic to all birds are avocado pear, rhubarb, chocolate and alcohol,and should NEVER be given.
  • Do not give any salad ingredients such as lettuce, tomato, cucumber and onion as they may cause digestive problems.
  • Other foods to be avoided are apple seeds, sugary foods, fat, seeds and acidic fruits such as citrus and pineapple.


For example grapes, pawpaw, pears, grated apple, bananas, watermelon, spanspek, fresh dates, strawberries, gooseberries, mango, litchis and prickly pear. Unsweetened fruit juice, without preservatives, such as Liquifruit Grape or Berry.


Cooked butternut, squash, pumpkin, peas and sweet potato. Raw broccoli, green beans, grated beetroot, grated carrot, peppers and mealies.


It is a good idea to start your own Mealworm colony. Put the meal worms into a tub filled with wholewheat bran. Feed the worms with slices of sweet potato or bread. Give your Mynah about 5 worms a day.


Cooked rice and / or cooked pasta, without sauce or oil should be given daily. Many Mynahs enjoy a small amount of  plain Pronutro, usually given dry.


  • Boiled egg or scrambled egg cooked in the microwave.
  • Grated or finely chopped cheese.
  • AviPlus “Egg Food”, often preferred without water added.


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