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Riverside Veterinary Clinic have been caring for my pets for over 10 years.  Dr. Kerry Easson, Dr. Elsa van Biljon and Nurse Linda Reynolds are not only excellent at what they do, but  they show an added interest in caring for my pets, over and above the line of duty.  The hours that they put into rehabilitating both my Cockatoo and paraplegic Jack Russell, is so greatly appreciated. Whilst they are inundated and overworked with patients, they selflessly take on the extra workload to care for injured wildlife, Vervet monkey rescue and taking in stray animals. They never turn an injured animal away. The compassion and empathy they show for all creatures big and small is highly commendable. – Wendy Wyman
 We've been taking our "kids" to Riverside Vet for many years. During this time we've shared happy, sad & humorous moments. Kerry, Else & their staff have been great through it all. A calm, relaxed, caring environment for patients & parents. - Larry & Sharon Vorster.
Kerry and Elsa have been our family veterinarians for over five years. Everyone’s passion, empathy and sincerity for my four girls and numerous rescues is nothing short of amazing. Their extensive knowledge and ongoing education has always afforded us peace of mind knowing we are providing our family with the best possible care.Janet Blount

In April 2014, I noticed that there was something wrong with my 2 and half year old Persian kitty named Delilah.

Because I had just moved to the area, a friend recommended that I take her to the Riverside Vet.

When we got there, we met Linda at Reception and then Elsa. Elsa was very worried about the condition of Delilah as she only weighed 1.7kg at the time. Blood tests were taken and we discovered that Delilah had serious problems with her kidneys (which is very uncommon is such young cats, Ive been told. Elsa then told me I needed to go to a referal Vet so that Delilah could have further tests.

I went back to Riverside Vet to meet and discuss the results with Elsa and straight away she put Delilah on a recovery plan. She changed her diet to Hills KD, suggested I bring Delilah in weekly for fluids and cerenia and a weight-check.

I then also started having appointments with Kerry where we did the necessary weekly treatment and since that day I have not missed a week in taking my gorgeous baby girl for her treatments.

Delilah now weighs 2.6kg and is considered as Riverside’s Miracle Kitty – my beautiful cat has beaten the odds so far. Her latest blood tests even revealed that her kidneys are working at a normal level.

I also could not have done this without the help, support, encouragement and mostly the LOVE that Elsa, Kerry and Linda as well Linda and Janine have shown and given my best friend.

I cant thank this AMAZING TEAM Enough for giving me more time with my darling Delilah.- Kelly Seager

I can honestly and whole-heartedly say that I would recommend Riverside Vet to everyone, as this is a well run practice.
I find ALL the staff very friendly and extremely helpful.
When I phone or visit the practice, the Reception ladies - Linda and Janine - and Linda the veterinary nurse are always smiling and willing to offer as much assistance as I need. In fact, they really go the extra mile to help and they are compassionate, caring and courteous, which is something I really appreciate.
The Medical staff are extremely capable and caring and they always have time to answer any questions I might have.
I travel a fair bit (and am often away for months at a time) and they always assure me that my maid can phone if there is a problem and if necessary they will even go and collect the animal that is sick and give it the necessary attention. This most certainly gives me the peace of mind I need when I am away - especially since my furry babies are getting on in years.
I feel confident when Kerry or Elsa attends to one of my pets, that that animal is getting the best care possible - which is very reassuring.
I have not mentioned, by name, all the staff who assist at the practice but I certainly feel that they all do a commendable job. - Morag Wade-Lehman


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